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Head Teacher Awards

Head Teacher Award

20th May 2022

HimanshuRDDFor being responsible and asking for help when needed.
RubenRKFFor being really responsible when working in a group for his learning, and trying his hardest even when he finds it a little bit tricky.
Amaia1HQFor really good listening and answering questions in our learning about Shabbat.
Max2LTFor being responsible with his library book and helping keep the library tidy.
Alexandra3/4AAFor making incredible progress because she takes responsibility for her own learning.
Joanna3/4CHFor being a responsible learner and in turn an exceptional role model for her peers.
Jaimee5EWFor taking responsibility for her learning, for challenging herself and always trying her best.
Masie-Mae5/6EBFor challenging herself in Maths and helping others.
Logan6ACFor taking responsibility for his own learning.