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Head Teacher Awards

Head Teacher Award 

12th July 2019

Name Class Details
Kayden RTW Excellent sentence writing.
Sienna R/1TW Being excellent at all her learning & super behaviour.
Darren 1EQ Being a great listener and fabulous member of 1EQ.
Lydia 2CC Exemplary behaviour on our trip.
Ryan 2VB For always working hard and now volunteering ore ideas to the class.
Billy 3AA Excellent handwriting and presentation in all his work.
Harry 3EB For fantastic letter writing.
Ben 4HP For his fantastic help with our Native American Dreamcatchers.
Bella 4LF For her determined attitude to improve in both Maths and Writing.
Scarlett 5SW For her awesome attitude to all of her learning.


For his outstanding performance in 'Pirates of the Curry Bean'.
Alfie 6MT For his willingness to step into a role in our play at extremely short notice.