Hillbourne Primary

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We believe very strongly in a curriculum that caters for all the needs of the pupils that attend Hillbourne, whilst ensuring that they make at least expected progress throughout all subjects. We have a rigorous Monitoring and Assessment cycle, which allows us to track attainment and progress through a half termly cycle. This data is then used to inform class teachers for the next steps in each of their pupils’ learning. As a school, we aim to equip all pupils with the life skills that they will need for today’s often challenging society, whilst also preparing them for their education once they leave Hillbourne. 


All year groups for each subject have objectives that have to be covered. Within the objectives for each year group, there are essential key performance indicators (KPIs) that all pupils have to meet, this is called ‘age related expectations’ (EXS). 


The vast majority of pupils will meet EXS, a few will be working towards EXS and some will be above EXS. To make the assessment judgement, teachers will use classwork, homework and some test data. Moderation of work will be completed regularly within year groups, across year groups and across schools to ensure consistency of results. 


Parent Consultation evenings are twice a year for parents and pupils to attend. During these meetings, parents will be provided with information based on their child’s attainment and progress and whether they are working at EXS. The final report for the year will include a written statement from all class teachers outlining the progress that pupils have made and targets for their future learning.