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Curriculum Information

Hillbourne Primary School aims to provide a curriculum that inspires and challenges all learners and prepares them for the future – a curriculum that promotes the fusion of excellence and enjoyment, encouraging children of all abilities to question, be curious and aspire to be amazing. The school provides opportunities that promote respect, tolerance, empathy and the celebration of the rich and diverse world in which we live.


Our school believes that primary education should be about developing the whole child- providing learning experiences to help pupils develop emotionally and socially as well as their talents and abilities academically.

At Hillbourne we have a Literacy rich English curriculum that allows our students to develop their vocabulary and literacy skills. We ensure that we have a strong focus on reading across the curriculum and ensure that we read to our pupils everyday to develop their vocabulary, motivation and curiosity.


Our approach is creative, relevant and engaging. At Hillbourne Primary we seek to improve learning through opportunities, challenge and enjoyment.


We have a range of strategies across the school to meet the demands of the National Curriculum and of our eager learners. Rather than adopting a fragmented approach to learning, where individual subjects are taught separately, we have adopted an approach that seeks to bridge one subject with another allowing the children become immersed within their learning. We believe that this is how our children learn best at Hillbourne Primary and have the best opportunity to translate one skill from one subject to another resulting in the potential for higher success and understanding.


The heart of our curriculum focus is based on a thematic approach to learning where a core theme acts as stimulus for a period of learning, be that a couple of weeks or half a term. We have chosen to adopt the Cornerstone Curriculum for our school. Through having a Topic based approach our children are able to make links, they can develop a learning journey and they have a desire to learn.


Our curriculum is taught through a topic based approach which allows our children to engage in their learning through a cross curricular approach. As our children have limited experiences we actively encourage high quality visits and visitors to enrich their life experiences. This approach provides cohesion and allows our pupils to make links across the curriculum while putting their learning in context where they are interested and excited and have a real life context in which they can make links. This creates and build their thirst for knowledge and new experiences and their desire to learn.