Hillbourne Primary

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Head Teacher Awards

Head Teacher Award

14th September 2018

Name Class Details
Jazmine R/1TW Fantastic role model for Year R.
Abigail 1EQ Working sensibly with her partner in the woods.
Ella 2CC Participating in school life with enthusiasm. 
Bulcsu 2VB For settling in well to 2VB and being part of the team - well done!
Grace 3AA Being a great member of the class.
Amelia 3EB For excellent teamwork this week.
Summer 4HP For being super helpful towards everyone in the class.
Sammy 4LF For some excellent questioning and sharing  - great teamwork.
Hannah 5SW For an amazing start to Year 5.
Harry 5/6CH For being a super member of the class!
Kian 6MT For being a positive member of the classroom community.