Hillbourne Primary

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Head Teacher Awards

Head Teacher Award

20th April 2018

Name Class Details
Jazmine RDH Improved confidence in the classroom
Jayden RTW Great improvement in all areas of learning
Demi-Leigh 1HQ For excellent manners at lunchtime
Adson 1JE For becoming more confident with reading and writing
Olivia 2CE Always showing respect and kindness to others
Stacey 2TW For great improvement in her independent writing
Mollie 3AA For respectful behaviour towards her peers.
Olivia 3EB For respectful behaviour towards others in the class.
Connor 4LF For his continuing respect to all those around him.
Alfie 4/5CH For his continued respect.
Amelia 5SW For her respectful attitude during group work.
Riley 6DW For always being respectful and polite to all.
Charlie 6MT For showing respect to his peers.