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Head Teacher Awards

Head Teacher Award

13th July 2018

Name Class Details
Kye RDH For his confident skills when creating his picture of Elmer on the computer.
Amelia RTW Showed great creative skills whilst making a ladybird.
Lacey 1HQ For enthusiastic den building.
Tilly-Mae 1JE For great independence when building a den.
Oliver 2CE For great team work and independence when building a den.
Aimee 2TW For super independence in all her learning.
Chloe 3AA for her fantastic independent maths work this week.
Paribesh 3EB For his independence in maths this week
Corbin 4LF For some fantastic independent letter writing.
Charlie 4/5CH For an independent attitude to his learning.
Charlotte 5SW For her independent attitude to her learning.
William 6DW for independently learning his lines.
Russell 6MT For showing independence for preparing for the show.