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Head Teacher Awards

Head Teacher Award

18th January 2019

Name Class Details
Phoebe R/1TW Careful maths work - trying to be accurate.
Polly 1EQ Excellent maths work and problem solving.
Sophie 2CC For persevering with some tricky maths this week.
Alfie 2VB For constantly attempting higher levels of work and doing excellent work.
Dexter 3AA For his perseverance with his spellings.
Emma 3EB For bouncing back in maths.
Ben 4HP for his fantastic talk for writing actions.
Scarlett 4LF For her amazing creative writing.
Hannah 5SW For her perseverance when finding fractions of shapes.
Prakrish 5/6CH For persevering with difficult maths timetable problems.
Kian 6MT For resilience in Maths when reading tables.