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Head Teacher Awards

Head Teacher Award 

15th March 2019

Name Class Details
Liam RTW For good understanding of seasons affecting the growth of plants.
Lincoln R/1TW For great scientific thinking when working out which funnel to use to collect the most water.
Tyler 1EQ Using fabulous scientific vocabulary and great predictions.
Jack 2CC For good questions during science week.
Alfie 2VB For collecting materials for our bug hotel.
Aimee 3AA For excellent scientific thinking.
Emma 3EB For her excellent scientific discussions.
Shyla 4HP For her fantastic scientific vocabulary.
Scarlett 4LF For excellent explanations of sound and researching the ear at home.
Nancy 5SW For reflecting on previous science work to support and influence her predictions.
Prakrish 5/6CH For always thinking in a scientific manner.
Jessica 6MT For her excellent scientific explanation.