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Coronavirus COVID19 update

16th March 2020


Dear Parents,


Coronavirus COVID19 update


We are continuously monitoring the current situation regarding the spread of the virus COVID19. We receive and follow daily advice from the Department for Education (DfE).


The current guidance from the DfE and from Public Health England is that all schools should operate normally. We will therefore be open to children as usual until such time as the advice changes. We are however mindful that changes may happen very fast and we are planning to make sure that we are as prepared as possible.


Potential closure


It is possible that we will be asked to close either as part of the Government’s strategy to slow the spread of the virus or because of staff shortages, where partial closures may occur. Partial closure means that some year groups will be asked to stay at home.


If it is necessary to close the school, we will inform you by text or email and will provide information on the school website and Facebook page. 


Please do make sure that your contact details are up to date.




Parents should continue to make the usual decisions about a child’s wellbeing. If your child is unwell, please keep them at home.


If your child develops a new or continuous cough and/or a high temperature of 37.8 or above, please follow Government advice and self-isolate for 7 days. Do NOT send your child or their siblings to school until the 7 day period is complete. Please do phone us and let us know the reason for your child’s absence.


If your child becomes ill in school, we will call you to collect them and any siblings.


Please note that we are currently working very hard to plan for whole school closure and are not therefore able to provide work for individual children who are already absent from school.



Clubs and visits


We are currently planning to continue with clubs and visits in order to maintain as much normality as possible for the children.


Helping your children to understand Coronavirus


Please find below a link to a helpful article giving sensible guidance about talking to your children about coronavirus.


BBC’s newsround also provides daily updates in an appropriate format for children.




We have added a new page to the Hillbourne School website where you can find the link to the Government daily briefing.


With best wishes





Helen Roderick