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5th September 2018 Newsletter

5th September 2018


Dear Parents and Friends


Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed the continued sunshine over the long holidays!


It was great to have the children back in school today. Thank you for helping them to look so smart. A gentle reminder to label all your child’s uniform, including PE kit and shoes, so that we can try to keep clothes and child together!


Meet the teacher

We are inviting parents to come into school this afternoon (Wednesday) to meet your child’s class teacher. At 3.30pm and 4pm, class teachers will talk briefly about the curriculum for the year, any visits already planned and behaviour expectations. Your children will show you where to go.


Staff news

We are very pleased to welcome Miss Veronica Bancroft, Miss Charlie Challis and Miss Hannah Patton to our teaching team. We hope they will be very happy here at Hillbourne.


Mrs Fogg remains sadly too unwell to return to school for the foreseeable future. In her absence, Mr Claxton and Mrs Kellaway will be looking after the new 4LF.


Mrs Quinnell will also be absent for the first term to give her time to recover from a major operation. We wish her a smooth and speedy recovery.


Start and end of the day

A reminder of the arrangements for the start and end of the day:


Reception and Y1

Reception and Year 1 children line up in the playground outside the Year 1 and Reception classrooms at the start of the day. Class teachers lead the children into their classes when the bell goes at 8.45am.


Please pick your children up from the classroom doors and be sure to let their teacher know that you have taken them! Please let us know if someone different is picking up your child at the end of the day.





Year 2

Please take your children to the playground behind the Acorns building where they should line up in classes ready to be taken inside by their teacher at 8.45am. Please pick your children up from this playground at 3.15pm.



Parents may allow Year 3-6 children to go through to the top playground from 8.30am. Please note that this area is unsupervised until 8.35am and we can only accept responsibility for children who arrive after this time. The bell will ring at 8.45am when children will line up in classes and be taken into school by their teachers.


At the end of the day, KS2 children are brought to the central area near the signpost so that they can be dismissed safely to parents/ carers or seen safely out of the gate if walking alone.


If you are late picking your child up, please contact the office if at all possible. We will look after your children at the Oaks office until you arrive. After 3.40pm, children will go to tea-time club for which there may be a charge.



It is important that every child attends school as regularly as possible if they are to achieve as well as possible.


The law requires parents to make sure their children receive full-time education suitable to their needs. Please continue to support your child to have the best possible school attendance by;


  • making sure they understand the importance of good attendance and punctuality

  • taking an interest in their education - ask about school work and encourage them to get involved in school activities

  • telling us about any problems they might be having in school, no matter how small they might seem
  • not keeping your child at home for minor ailments - particularly those which would not prevent you from going to work.

If you are finding it difficult to get your child to school regularly, please do not hesitate to talk to Jane, our Pastoral Support Worker, or to Mrs Wright in the school office.

A reminder that no holidays during term time can be authorised. If you need to take your child out of school for any exceptional family circumstances, please contact me to discuss.


Water bottles

A reminder, please, to make sure that your child’s water bottle is named (name and class). A sharpie pen will do the job effectively. If you would like us to label your child’s bottle in school, please let us know.


Please send your child with a full water bottle every day. We would suggest that water bottles are washed out daily.


Food in school

A reminder please that children in Years 3-6 should bring a piece of fruit/ vegetable to school for their break snack. Children in Reception, 1 and 2 will have a snack provided each day.


Please could we also ask that you keep sweets as treats for your children at the end of the day and do not include these in lunch boxes.


You will shortly be receiving letters from your child’s new teacher with details of curriculum coverage, visits and assembly dates for the term. We will also be publishing our revised extra-curricular programme to you before the end of the week.


Dates for your diary

Please find dates for your diary attached.


With best wishes






Helen Roderick