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22nd May 2019

22nd May 2019


Dear Parents and Friends

This first half of the Summer term seems to have raced by. Life in school has been very busy indeed and the children will no doubt be looking forward to their half term break!

We were very excited today to see representatives of some of the country’s largest building firms on site. They were visiting before submitting final tenders for the new build. It is very exciting to know that Hillbourne is finally going to be rebuilt!

Hillbourne Memorabilia

We are intending to make a display showing Hillbourne through the ages using the photos and documentation we have in school. If you or your family have any photos or newspaper cuttings from your time at Hillbourne, we would be delighted to include these. Please send anything you would like us to share to either one of our offices.

End of Key Stage assessments

We have been greatly impressed by the determination, perseverance and resilience demonstrated by our Year 2 and Year 6 pupils during their end of Key Stage assessments. We are very proud of every single one of these pupils and have particularly admired those who joined the school only three days before having to sit the Year 6 tests as well as those Year 2 children afflicted by Chicken Pox during the assessment period!

Hillbourne on Waste

Our HOW Club is continuing to look at how we can reduce waste around school. They have now set up a designated pen bin. Dried up felt tips and biros are collected here before being sent off for recycling. Our first collection weighed more than 5kg!

Please send any old pens you may find at home in with your child and HOW will ensure they are recycled.


Most Hillbourne children are smartly presented in full uniform every day. I appreciate the effort parents put into this!

There are a small number of children who might want to use some of their holiday to search out their school shoes! I look forward to seeing everyone in full uniform after the break.


We were delighted to welcome Mad4animals into school on Monday. They presented a fantastically entertaining and informative show about insects and animals.  Mad4animals are performing ‘The Jungle Challenge’ at the Barrington Centre, Ferndown on May 31st if you would like to share some of the experiences of your children.

Class photos

A reminder that the School Photographer will be with us on Tuesday 4th June (the first day back!)

With best wishes






Helen Roderick