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13th October 2021

13th October 2021

Dear Parents & Carers


We are fast approaching the last few days of the half term and the final week of our time in the Oaks and Acorns building. This is an exciting time for all of us as we look forward to our move into our beautiful new building. We recognise that some of our children will be feeling anxious about leaving their familiar classrooms and routines, particularly because we have not been able to visit the new building, after a delay in the anticipated handover date.


Supporting the children as we prepare to make the move


In school, we are encouraging the children to think of all the things that will remain the same after the holidays.

  • Same classes
  • Same teachers and teaching assistants
  • Same lessons and timetables
  • Ms Roderick, Mr Claxton and Mrs Camilleri will be on the gates every morning and afternoon
  • Same tables and chairs in the classrooms
  • Mrs Wright, Mrs Godwin and Mrs Chapman will still be in the office
  • We will still use the top field for games (when it isn’t too wet!)


Some of the things that will be different

  • All the windows open and close!
  • We can drink the water out of the taps!
  • All Hillbourne children will be in the same building
  • Playtimes will be in the new playgrounds at the back of the school
  • We will all come in through the new main entrance
  • We will all use the new hall for lunch, PE and assemblies


Start and end of the day in the new building


Mr Claxton and I will be producing and distributing an instruction video outlining where to drop off and pick up your children during the half term. In the meantime, please note the following principles;


Start of the day

  • Classrooms will continue to be open to pupils from 8.30am (not before!)
  • All pupils will enter through the main pedestrian gate which will be open between 8.30 and 9am
  • Pupils will access Reception, 1HQ, 2LT, 3/ 4CH directly through the classroom doors
  • 3/ 4AA and Years 5 and 6 will enter the building through the rear access doors and go straight to their classrooms.


End of the day

  • Gates will be open from 3pm
  • Reception parents pick up from the Reception garden at the front of the building
  • Other Year groups will be dismissed from the back of the building. The exact place will be made clear in the video. Mr Claxton, Mrs Camilleri and I will be around, making sure everyone knows exactly where they need to be.




We have a number of desktop computers which will not be used in the new school. Please contact the office if you think this would be useful for your child.


Final visits


We know that many parents and grandparents have long established links with the current Hillbourne buildings. We are happy to welcome people for a final visit on Monday or Tuesday morning next week. Please call the office to make an appointment if you wish to visit.




Please note that there will be no clubs next week or in the first week back after the half term.  Clubs will resume from Monday 8th November.


Tea-time Club will operate as usual.


Finally, a reminder that school closes next Wednesday, 20th October at 3.15pm.  Please remember to look out for an email during the half term break which will include details of our return to school on Wednesday 3rd November as well as the video detailing children’s routes to their new classrooms.


We look forward to showing all parents around the new building as soon as we are settled.


With best wishes


Yours sincerely


Helen Roderick