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11th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers


A belated welcome back to the Spring term!


It hasn’t been the most positive start to 2021, but I very much hope that the current lockdown combined with the vaccination programme will bring us all back to something like normality soon.


Home learning


We have been very impressed with the way the majority of children have started off their learning from home. Huge thanks and congratulations to all of you who have supported your children to access their learning, to complete and to submit tasks. Please do not hesitate to contact school via your child’s class teacher in the first instance if you have any problems with the learning or the technology.


In the letter we sent out last week, we outlined the learning that we would like your children to do each day. Class teachers are hosting a whole class meeting in the morning to answer any questions about the day’s work and in the afternoon to review the work done and to share the class story. Please ensure your child attends both of these sessions if at all possible.


Support for internet access at home


The DfE has advised that the school can request mobile data increases for children who meet all 3 of these criteria:

  • do not have fixed broadband at home
  • cannot afford additional data for their devices
  • are experiencing disruption to their face-to-face education

This offer would allow for extra data to be supplied to an existing mobile data device from the following suppliers:

  • Three
  • Virgin Mobile
  • EE
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Sky Mobile
  • O2

If you find that you do need support with your internet access, please contact the office.


Screen time


Please remember that screen time is far from the only thing that leads to quality learning. Whilst the lockdown is difficult and stressful, particularly when the virus is spreading at an increased rate, it is still an opportunity for families to come together and develop some of the skills and experiences you worked so hard on during the last period of school closure. Do take the time to cook together; to read to your children; to create things; make dens; go out for walks. We will be sending home weekly challenges which we hope will inspire you all to love learning with your children.


Free School Meals


We will be issuing vouchers this week to families whose children are entitled to FSM. The Government is in the process of establishing a centralised voucher system and we very much hope this will be up and running very soon.


If you do need support in the meantime, please do contact us and we will work out a way to help.




Fortunately, the construction industry is not affected by the lockdown and the work in the new school is progressing as planned. You will have seen that the steel framework is now in place for the whole building. Stairs and floors have been laid and the roofing will be put in place soon.




If you need help for any reason, please do contact us.


School office: 01202 662604

Teaching Staff by emails (addresses in previous letter)

Jane Ryan (

Miss Meredith (

Ms Roderick (

Mr Claxton (


Message to Parents from Mr Steve Utley, Chair of Governors


The latest school closure took us all a bit by surprise and required a lot of rapid response from staff, parents and cares alike.  I am grateful to Ms. Roderick, Mr. Claxton and all the staff for their ability to get things in place and ensure the continued education of children online. 


I understand that for many, this has caused upheaval and disruption of routines and working patterns.  Thank you for being so adaptable.  This is a time of unprecedented national crisis and it requires that we all pull together to keep one another safe. 


It is especially important that all school staff are kept safe in order to minimise to ensure the school can function both now and in the future.  We know that young children can be carriers of the virus whilst being asymptomatic themselves.  It has therefore been critical for the governors to restrict the numbers of children who can attend school during lockdown in order to keep the risk to staff as low as we possibly can. 


Thank you for playing your part at this time and adapting so well.  Your efforts are appreciated.  There is now light at the end of the tunnel and as the vaccines are being rolled out, we look forward to being able to return to less restrictions and ultimately an environment with a much lower risk. 



Please take care everyone,


With best wishes

Yours sincerely






Helen Roderick