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10th November 2020

10th November 2020



Dear Parents and Friends


Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn term. I am sorry that we find ourselves in a second lockdown but am very pleased that the school is able to stay open and provide a bit of normality and routine for the children.


We were saddened over the weekend to discover that the school grounds had been accessed and damage done to the Reception play area and the sky lights above the Year 5 and 6 classrooms. If you do live close to the school, please do not hesitate to contact the police if you see anybody on site outside of school hours.


ONS update


The research team have been in school this week to undertake the first batch of testing on the children and staff. The tests were conducted within the classrooms and involved the children wiping a sponge on the inside of their cheeks and then using a nasal swab to ‘tickle’ the inside of each nostril. The process took less that ten minutes in each classroom and the children were both sensible and helpful.


The staff were asked to provide a small blood sample which caused far more of a challenge than anticipated. We have however developed good strategies for next time!




Thankyou for working so hard to send your children to school in full uniform. We know that it is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase our jade green t-shirts so please feel free to send your child to school in a white polo shirt if you can’t get hold of one.


Children should wear a black jumper/ sweatshirt or cardigan to school. Please let your child’s class teacher know if you need to borrow a black jumper from our collection.


Nearly new uniform is available from Heart of Hillbourne.  Please email your requirementsOnce a week, items will be picked and packed and confirmation emails sent out regarding availability of items and cost. We ask that correct money only be placed in an envelope marked for the attention of Heart of Hillbourne and taken to one of the school offices where named bags of requested items will be available for collection.


As the new school building starts to take shape, we are once again looking at the changes we need to make to our uniform. We are keen to make sure our uniform is smart and practical, whilst also being reasonably priced and easy to find in the supermarket. We will be in touch soon to ask for your views as parents and carers.




We are working hard to maintain the quality of provision and support for all our children during this challenging time.


Please bear with us as we do our very best to provide the best possible service whilst accommodating necessary staff absence.


Changes to bubble closures


We have been working closely with Public Health England to minimise the number of children and staff who we need to send home in the event of further cases of Covid in school.


We have introduced a number of new strategies which will help us to identify the close contacts of anybody who has tested positive. These include the children having allocated seating at lunch as well as in the classroom.


We hope that this will allow us to send home only close contacts and limit class or bubble closures.


Remote learning


As you may be aware, we are introducing Google Classroom to the children. This is a learning platform which will allow teachers and support staff to work more directly with pupils, in the event of closure.


Teachers have been familiarising their classes with Google classroom in school. In KS2, children have been asked to log on at home and to try to send some work into their teachers. We intend for the children to be confident in their use of Google classroom before they need to use it for home schooling. The children will let us know if they are unable to access at home and we will do our best to resolve any issues as soon as possible.


Please find attached a parent guide to the use of Google classroom. Thanks to Miss Bailey for producing this.



Flu immunisation


Thanks to all of you who have already signed your children up for the flu vaccination (nasal spray) on Thursday 19th November.

We are very pleased that so many children will be receiving the flu vaccine. Flu is an unpleasant illness in itself but can often lead to pneumonia or bronchitis in children.

If you wish to register your child, please give consent by using the online link below:


School Code: 6bkcyq


With best wishes


Yours sincerely




Helen Roderick