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Our Learning Charter




We believe everybody in our school has the right to: learn, be respected and treated fairly, be heard and feel safe.


To achieve this we all have the responsibility to: allow others to learn, respect others and treat them fairly, listen to others and to keep ourselves and others safe.


So across the school our expectations are: -


We try our best


We are kind, polite and respect each other


We walk safely and quietly around school


We respect our property and the property of others


Our reward system across the school will consistently follow the following process:


Praise, Stickers, Postcards home, Star of the Week awards, Golden Time, Headteacher certificate, Star Award Treat.


The consequences of not doing our best to stick to the expectations, responsibilities will also be consistent across the school:


A reminder , a warning, loss of a privilege, Time Out in class, Time out in another class, Senior Leader involved.


 Parents will be informed when things are not going well and consequences are necessary as well as when their children are trying hard to live up to the expectations.


Behaviour and learning work best for children when the expectations at home and at school are in line with each other so the messages children receive are consistent.


We hope we can rely on your support for our Learning Charter.