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PE & Sport Premium

What is the Sports Premium?


Sports Premium funding is additional income from the Government to develop and enhance PE provision within schools. Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they have the freedom to choose how they do this. The purpose of the money is to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performances levels they are capable of.

Please find details of how Hillbourne Primary School plans to promote physical activity and well-being

Sports Premium Action Plan 2016-17





To develop the PE curriculum to include meditative practise (yoga)

Staff training

Purchase of whole school scheme of work

Supply cover


To provide swimming catch up for pupils in Year 5 and 6 who are not yet able to swim 25metres

Identification of pupils at end of Year 4

Assessment of pupils joining school after Y4

Transport to pool



To increase quality and range of physical activities on offer to children during day,  at lunch and after school

Paint ‘Rainbow’ track for children to follow during ‘Daily Mile’

Daily lunchtime clubs

After school clubs

Use of external coaches (The Junction) for specialist sports training; gymnastics and dance

Additional training for staff as coaches

Supply costs to provide cover for competitions in school hours

Mini bus expenses; driver, fuel and maintenance


To increase quality of play at break times

Train Play Leaders

Train Sports Ambassadors

Staff cover to support training

Purchase of additional play equipment

Purchase of wet play games

Purchase of large play equipment to promote physical play and resilience in Reception



To improve pupil and parent awareness of healthy eating

Food tasting sessions


Healthy lunch promotion for parents and children (local supermarket) Healthy Eating week-Summer term


Providing healthy alternative ingredients during PSHCE, Science and DT lessons.

Ensure that Breakfast and After school Club offers healthy snack/ breakfast and supports appropriate children


To develop wider opportunities for inter and interschool sport

Join Poole School Sports Association

Cover transport for fixtures

Release staff to support pupils

Organise Sports Day (summer term)

Reintroduce House system to promote intra school competition


Develop staff confidence to teach effective PE


Audit staff skills

Identify appropriate training



Breakfast and Tea time club- invite/ provide targeted children with a healthy breakfast/ snack funded by the school through the sports premium.


Sports Premium Action Plan 2015-16



Total finding received for 2015-16:  £10 500


Total expenditure: £ 8 900






  1. To improve delivery of PE and Sports lessons in school by increasing skills levels and confidence of staff

Use of Sports Coaches to teach range of sports/ PE sessions as CPD for teachers.


Review of curriculum offer


Support with planning


2. To implement daily mile for all pupils

Identify route around school.


Plan training schedule for younger/ less fit children


Ensure that Mile is successfully integrated into the school day (minimum disruption to learning time)


Teachers to be confident and enthusiastic supporters of mile



3.To increase participation in sporting activities by broadening range of activities on offer

Lunch time and after school clubs available for all pupils


Dance, gymnastics, football, archery


Less traditional sports included within the curriculum offer (handball, archery)


Included in * figure

4.To improve PE opportunities by ensuring appropriate equipment available

Purchase of new equipment including full replacement of gym mats




September 2014-2015

We received amounts in May 2015 and expect to receive an amount during the autumn term 2015.

Total: £9409. If further monies are received, our plan will be revised accordingly.