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Healthy eating
Children are taught about choosing to eat healthily and to think about what they should eat for their lunch at school on a daily basis. Suggested items for a lunchbox might be a sandwich or filled roll, carrot sticks, fruits , breadsticks or humous. We ask that you do not send sweets in for lunch.
We ask parents to ensure their child brings a water bottle to school each day; this will be available on their desk in all lessons except when they are using a computer.
Children are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit for their morning break snack.  From Reception to Year 2 a piece of fruit is provided by the school. 
Packed lunches
Children from Reception to Year 2 eat their lunch in Acorns Hall. Children from Year 3 to Year 6 eat packed lunch in the Oaks Hall.  All children are supervised by Midday Assistants.
Hot meals
All children who eat a hot school meal do so in the Acorns Hall. These meals are provided by Chartwells www.dorset.mealselector.co.uk.
Free school meals
All Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children are entitled to a free hot lunch. If you believe your KS 2 child is eligible for free school meals, please contact the School Office.