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Do you know what a headlice looks like?

Just thought you would like to see what these little creatures look like. The Year 5 children have already seen the presentation.
I am a little headlice
From head to head I roam.
I find a little hot spot
On that head, I make my home.

I don't mind what type of hair
And the colour doesn't matter.
There I will lay my eggs
And I will just get fatter.

My nit eggs will then hatch out
And on the head they'll feed
Until they get as big as me.
A new home they will need.

And so the cycle starts again
Until all heads are homes.
A whole class infestation
And all the parents moan!

So if you want to get rid of me,
Don't cut your hair too short.
Conditioner, Lotion and Tea Tree
Are the things that others bought.

So children, get out your combs
And check your heads to see,
If by chance you've used the stuff
To finally get rid of me.

If not

I'll be back!!!!!!!!!!!