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After 2009

Eloise Allen

Years at school: 2007 to 2014

I have started parkstone grammar school and it's obviously very different without boys, but I will soon get used to it!!

General Memories:It was nearing the end of the year and we had to choose the last song for the leavers performance ; I remember how the whole year group sang sooo well to counting stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️(by one republic) - which is now one of my favourite songs and it will be for a very long time!! 🎤🎵🎶

Memories of Teachers:My favourite teacher... It's sooo hard to choose!! I think my favourite teacher was mrs mclaren, although every year - by complete coincidence I always got the teacher I wanted to have!! I'm not sure how though!!

Memories of School Trips and Events:I remember in year 4 when we went on the brownsea island boat on that really choppy day!! Jessie (who left at the end of year 4) and I literally thought the boat was going to tip when we turned because the waves were crashing at the window!! Since then I have been on one fishing boat and outside the harbour was horrible but once back in the harbour it was really fun!! 🚤⛵️


Harry Windle

Years at school: 2007 to 2014

General Memories:Having my best friends by my side....Lauren peacock,Emma newton and kacey Carr(who had the funniest laugh ever!)I remember in year three :watching a film with hot chocolate and I spilt it everywhere.Lauren slipped over it and we where laughing for the rest of the day !!

Memories of Teachers:Ohh...easy! Miss Isteed:the funniest teacher in the history of teachers!kinda lucky to have her because she would always make me laugh no matter what !!

Memories of School Trips and Events:Going to lesson house definitely: I sung young by Tulisa and then we had an assembly..they played it!!OMG how embarrsing lol !

Memories of School Clubs and Sports:Netball,chess and maths


Callum jones (was poole grammar school)

Years at school: 2008 to 2013

I have been doing extremely well in poole grammar school and i am following my love for it, pe and maths. I have learnt alot in french and have done really good in a recent speaking test.
It: started to follow my dream job (being a game developer) and have started coding using visual basic: console.writeline("hello")
pe: came 1st in 1500m in my class and have started basketball
maths: got 60/70 on a maths test - 86% level 7c
Also you will be happy to know i get a 6a recently on a piece of writing i did!

General Memories:My best friends and the amazing teachers at hillbourne. I wish i could go back!

Memories of Teachers:Mrs alliset: the best teacher at the school!
Mrs adkin - year 3
Mrs elvin - year 4
Mrs Moore - year 5 (ma mere s'appelle alison et elle traville infirmer dans le hopital. if i spelt it right)
Mr hatchard and mrs mclaren - year 6
Mrs bailey - year 7 (excel: =if(b6<100, "yes", "no")

Memories of School Trips and Events:I remember all thee plays that we did and enjoyed all of the them!

Memories of School Clubs and Sports:sports day 2013: portland won YAY!!! I came first in the long distance runninng.


Charlie Mcartamney (was mcatamney)

Years at school: 2009 to 2012

Broadstone Middle school

General Memories:being locked in toilet

Memories of Teachers:good and bad

Memories of School Trips and Events:London trip and leavers

Memories of School Clubs and Sports:good



Nimrah Khan

Year Left School: 2011

Going to Poole High

General Memories:My friends, all the funny memories

Memories of Teachers:Ms Fogg, Miss hunt, Miss Patterson, Mrs McLaren, Mr Hatchard and Mrs Baily, remember them all.

Memories of School Trips and Events:Yr 5 Lesson House
Yr 7 French trip
Romeo and Juliet


Martyn Pope

Years at school: 2002 to 2010

I've since left to go to poole high school and am doing well.

General Memories:I spent 8 years in hillbourne. From reception to year 7. I miss it now in a way, but it seems like ages ago. I was the last year the leave Hillbourne first school. When I continued to year 4 it became Hillbourne Combined school. I remeber things like being sat outside Mr Jessop's office for being naughty and him trying to chear me up by juggling.

Memories of Teachers:My teachers were Ms Westerman, Ms Millby, Ms Fogg, Ms James, Ms Mitchell, Ms Bailey, Ms Moore, Ms Byrne/Ms Giles.
I also remeber Mr Jessop, kind man tought me to swim. And of course Ms Makiola (excuse spelling)

Memories of School Trips and Events:I remember many trips. I remember a sleepover in year 3 we slept in the school hall and went to Hengistbury head the day after. In year 5 I went to Leason house, that was great fun and i won the talent show as darth granny! I remeber our leavers trip to Longleet aswell.

Memories of School Clubs and Sports:I used to go to squirells (pre modern name) afterschool club
and sometimes breakfast club aswell.